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Finger Prints Children’s Centre is a family owned and operated centre, purchased and reimagined in 2008 by Rebekah Harrison and Adam Brown.

Nurturing children from 3 years old to school age.

Our centre philosophy evolves through research in childhood developmental phases, child led inquiry based learning and the wisdom and knowledge of past and present theorist including Rudolph Steiner and Reggio Emilia.

‘The preschool years, the kindergarten years, (the years before formal schooling) are the most important of all in the education of the child. It is absolutely essential that before we begin to think, before we so much as begin to set our thinking in motion, we experience the condition of wonder.’ ….Rudolf Steiner 

 Our Educators

Our educators hold qualifications in Early Childhood and acknowledge the child as being an active constructor of knowledge – the third teacher. The child is beheld as beautiful, powerful, competent, creative, curious, and full of potential and ambitious desires.

We foster a spirit of investigation through the highest quality handmade, traditional, imaginative, free form, natural, organic and open ended learning resources.

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Karen Bruce



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 Our Program

“To educate the whole child , his heart and his will must be reached, as well as the mind”… Rudolf Steiner 

~  Monday to Friday ~

At 7:30am

our doors open, children place their belongings away and join us for outdoor/indoor play; this may include seasonal arts & craft, gardening, music, cooking, table activities, household tasks or free play. All activities offer opportunities for social development, personal empowerment, language development, preliteracy and pre-mathematical skills, building independence, as well as a broad range of basic living and self management skills.

At 10am

we come together for Morning Circle, this is a time to celebrate our place, our group and honour cultural and seasonal experiences. Rhythmical verse, song and repetitive poetry stances are combined with thoughtful movement opportunities to provide a meaningful context for language awareness and development. We aim to develop the children’s sense of belonging and expand our ideas and understandings, enabling us to become stronger in our social and cultural identities.

At Noon

we have designated story time which aims to encourage ethical and moral awareness through puppetry and features as part of our `whole language approach’. Children will take these impressions and retell them in play.

At 1:15pm

children are transitioned to rest time by the gentle song of educators, children are loving settled into relaxation to refresh for afternoon activities.

The day is filled with shared meal times that support healthy nutritious clean eating practices.  We transition to morning tea at 10:30am, lunch at 12:30pm and afternoon tea at 3:00pm.

At 4:15pm

We say goodbye for the day,  centre closes.

A home-like environment has been lovingly and consciously created where children are surrounded with beauty, truth and goodness in every activity of their day. Supporting children in an ebb and flow of consistent rhythm: daily, weekly, seasonal and celebratory; helps the children to move through their day and week in a safe and predictable environment that is so necessary for the healthy development of boundaries, physical skills and ultimately inspires trust in their world.

What our families say:

“The coasts most beautiful kindergarten inspired by nature – the staff are incredible just oozing love and devotion to children”

~ Claire Ward

“Our Isla had never separated easily but has found her home away from home in this caring, nurturing environment. Since beginning just over 12 months ago she has blossomed in confidence, self awareness and so many other ways
The program is delivered with care and respect for all children and we are so grateful to have access to such a beautiful service.”

~ Katie Gehle

“Fingerprints is such a blessing in my family’s life. A group of truly caring people in a beautiful nurturing environment. My second boy is certainly attending it too, his older brother had a wonderful time!”

~ Larissa Galvao


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